India got freedom but not Indians [2018]

India got freedom but not Indians [2018]

India got freedom on 15th August, 1947. But, do Indians have freedom??? 

Here we are not going to discuss or lecture you how India got freedom, here we will see some present reality of Indians and freedom of Indians.

Do Indians have real freedom?? Is Indian education system helping the students ??

In 19th century, to run the East India Company there was the need of clerks, military force and factory workers.
Clerks— for data and documents related work.
Military force— for security of the company.
Factory workers— to work in company.
So, the British started the training or education system. For clerks, military force, and workers there was no need of any creative thinking or creativity.
But this type of education system kills the creativity of students. In India still there is an education system which was set up in the 19th century by the British.
In schools and colleges no one give importance to new ideas and creativity. Students' minds are just filled with textbook lessons.
India got freedom but still we follow old British education system.
In India most of the companies work for other countries. And there are many BPOs which work for other countries. The extra ordinary students opt jobs in foreign.
India import many products from other countries. Instead of focusing on swadesi goods we import videsi goods.
India got freedom, but Indians still depend on other countries.
India is the young nation as it has more young population. According to survey 83% of graduates are unemployable. That means youth have just a degree certificates in hand, but do not have skills. So we need to focus on improvement of education system and we need to give importance to creativity, new ideas. Then only our country will grow rapidly and will become developed country.
Then the youth of our country will work for betterment of our country. Then we can say, India and Indians have independence.

Many freedom fighters sacrificed their life for the freedom of our country, so we must use this freedom in a right way.

Happy Independence Day 2018.
Share this article with all Indians. Let's create the positive chain for the change.

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